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Advanced Nutrients Big Bud COCO GOLD 1L

If you’re one of the many growers who use coco coir growing medium you’re going to love this new breakthrough from Advanced Nutrients!

The high levels in potassium already in your coco media can lead to potassium toxicity, the special formula of Big Bud Coco Has a perfectly dialed NPK ratio and will ensure, they’ll get a rich spectrum of secondary metabolites. So instead of expending a ton of energy producing their own amino acids, your plants can channel that energy directly into building bigger, heavier Fruits!

Coco coir holds onto calcium and magnesium which can often make it unavailable to plants leading to nutrient deficiencies. Big Bud Coco contains the “missing link” to prevent nutrient deficiencies, a specifically chelated form of iron and optimised levels of Calcium and Magnesium will ensure you plants have all the micronutrients they need during the bloom phase.