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Black Box 8-Way Contactor & Timer

Built to a very hig spec, the Maxiswitch Pro light controllers have been designed to offer top-end components without compromise.   This unit will safely switch 8 X 600W lights or 4 X 1000W lights.

Each socket also can be turned on or off separately to allow further customisation of your growing area.

All Maxiswitch Pro light controllers are built in the UK to CE standards and feature:

  • Built-in Grasslin timers and General Electrics contactors rated to 26A
  • Heavy duty GE contactors
  • Rubberised moulded plugs
  • Hanging bracket
  • Switchable sockets

Plugging any HID lighting directly into a domestic timer unit will cause the timer to prematurely fail and could lead to a potential electrical hazard. This will also eventually result in your lights being fused in the on or off state. Using a light controller will avoid this problem.

All Maxiswitch Pro light controllers come with a two year warranty.