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Buy CANNA BOOST 1L And get Vitalink MAX 1L Hydro Grow for ONLY £9.99

We have put together the best base nutrient and flowering enhanser into a great value bundel.

Bundel inclueds
VitaLink Hydro Grow MAX HW 1L A&B x 1
Canna BOOST 1L x 1

VitaLink Hydro MAX has a strong reputation with growers for promoting healthy plants and yield. It is suitable for use with clay pebbles, perlite, stone-wool and can be used with recirculating and run to waste hydroponic systems. It aids better overall plant health and development, VitaLink Hydro MAX products are two-part nutrients (A + B) containing essential plant nutrients as well as added EDDHA (increases iron availability) and fulvic acid (aids nutrient uptake). Hydro MAX is formulated for both growth and bloom stages of the plant lifecycle.

Key Features:

  • Two part complete plant feed designed for exceptional vegetative growth in hydroponic systems.
  • Should be used for the first 3 weeks of the vegetation stage.
  • Formulated for soft water and hard water locations.


Young plants = 1-2ml/L.

Mature plants = 3-4ml/L.

Canna Boost is developed specifically for fast-growing plants, Canna Boost Accelerator is a popular flowering booster that enhances the size and weight of your plants flowers. It will:

  • Increase the rate of photosynthesis.
  • Aprox 20% more yield!
  • Increase nutrient uptake and sugar production.
  • Improve yield.
  • Overall, Canna Boost Accelerator gives you a higher quality, better tasting crop.

We recommend using Canna Boost Accelerator with Canna PK13/14 to further enhance the quality of your plants.

Canna Boost Accelerator works well with all nutrients.