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Makes 90L of end solution.

FOLEX is a professional foliar nutrient that contains a blend of secondary micro nutrients, natural plant hormones, plant extracts, Calcium, sugars, vitamins and Fulvic acid. FOLEX Speeds up growth rates and helps produce more growth nodes resulting in more flowering sites. In side-by-side field tests, when used alongside HEAVY HARVEST MATRIX, the vegetative phase times were reduced by around 5 days. Also plants treated with FOLEX were highly resistant to pest attack.

Benefits of FOLEX:
  • Vigorous Growth
  • Speeds up vegetative stages
  • Produces more growth nodes
  • Prevents Calcium deficiency
  • Vastly improves pest resistance
  • Improves plant strength
  • Aids nutrient distribution.
Directions of use:
  • Use weekly from the vegetative stage until week 4 of the Flowering phase
  • DO NOT apply under bright lights as this will cause burning
  • Wear suitable eye protection and gloves
  • Shake bottle well for 30 seconds
  • Mix with water at a rate of 125ml per 1 litre
  • Using a sprayer apply to both sides of the leaves until runoff occurs
  • Do not prepare the solution for more than 7 days ahead.
For best results use alongside the full HEAVY HARVEST additive range.