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IWS Flood & Drain 6 - 48 Pot Systems

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The IWS (Intelligent Watering System) is an ingenious and easy-to assemble flood and drain system that can accommodate between 6 and 48 pots, all fed by a central reservoir.

How the system works:
The pots are made up of three parts: A slanted draining stand with a preset height and a 5 degree slope which allows all the water to drain back to the brain pot, stopping the roots from sitting in water. An outer pot which has a water tight gland through which the nutrient solution is delivered and a separate inner pot which has holes in the base, allowing the flood and drain action. The delivery pipe connects to the outer pots to the brain tank. When the nutrient solution has fully flooded the system, a float valve in the brain pot will trigger the feed pump to stop. Flood times are controlled by a wall mounted IWS minute timer. The time should be set to match the time it takes the system to flood, this will depend on the size of the system. The system then works in reverse, sucking out all of the nutrient from the base of the pot leaving the roots moistened but never over saturated or left standing in water.

Watch the video to see the system in action

6 Pot System with 100L FlexiTank £469.95
6 Pot System with 100L Plastic Tank £429.95
12 Pot System with 250L FlexiTank £554.95
12 Pot System with 250L Plastic Tank £534.95
18 Pot System with 250L FlexiTank £639.95
18 Pot System with 250L Plastic Tank £629.99
24 Pot System with 250L FlexiTank £719.95
24 Pot System with 250L Plastic Tank £699.95
36 Pot System with 400L FlexiTank £799.95
36 Pot System with 350L Plastic Tank £779.95
48 Pot System with 400L FlexiTank £999.95
48 Pot System with 350L Plastic Tank £989.95

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