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Maxibright 315w CDM Adaptor Light Kit

Give your plants all the benefits of full spectrum 315w CDM lighting and reap the rewards.
  • Increase yields by 20% (when used correctly)
  • Reduce grow room Temperatures
  • Improve grow room efficiency by reducing energy cost or increasing production
  • Blinding intensity that's clearly visible with the naked eye
  • Highly efficient - puts out 1.9 micromole (umol) per watt of electricity
  • 1.1 μmol m-2 s-1
  • Fuller light spectrum
  • Extremely high PAR levels
  • Improve appearance, taste & smell of fruit and flowers
  • Great as a supplemental or standalone lamp throughout your grow
  • High Lumen Maintenance - only change lamps once a year or every four crops
The Maxibright 315w CDM Daylight Kits can be used as a standalone lighting solution throughout the vegetative and flowering cycles or used as supplemental lighting between two 600w lights (see diagram) to improve crop quality and yield.

The Maxibright 315w CDM Daylight Kits are highly efficient producing a PAR output of 1.9 micromoles (µmol) per Watt. When it comes to grams per watt the 315w CDM units relay are the cream of the crop and out perform traditional 600w HPS lamps.

Another big advantage of the 315w CDM lamps is they produce very little heat when compared to a 600w HPS lamp, grow room temperatures are reduced even when replacing one 600w HPS light with two 315w CDM lights. This helps to keep optimum grow room temperatures making a huge improvement to the growing environment especially in the hot summer months.

When used in the vegetative phase plants grow at an amazing rate with wide lateral branching, very short internode length and larger root systems. This helps lead to higher crop yields due to the increased number of flowering sites and general plant health.

Used as a supplemental light positioned in between two 600w lights (we recommend using the Maxibright Horizon Reflector for this), there is a noticeable improvement of the appearance, taste & smell of fruit and flowers. The production of essential oils, terpenes and flavonoids is also significantly improved. Yields will also improved especially if the 315w daylight lamp had been used during the vegetative phase due to the increased number of flowering sites and general plant health.

When used during flower (we recommend the V3 Daylight Reflector for this) there is a noticeable improvement of the appearance, taste & smell of fruit and flowers. The production of essential oils, terpenes and flavonoids is also significantly improved. Yield increase by 20% when used correctly (see below).

What to expect when replacing 600w HPS lights to 315w CDM lights:

1 x 600w HPS vs 1 x 315w CDM (1.2m x 1.2m area)
Replacing one 600w HPS Light with one 315w CDM Light will dramatically reduced heat and drop power consumption by over 47%. When it comes to yield there have been mixed reports when changing "one for one", some growers report a drop while others say there yields stayed consistent while cutting energy costs by almost half. 

2 x 600w HPS vs 3 x 315w (2.4 x 1.2m area)
Replacing two 600w HPS lights with Three 315W CDM lights will reduced heat output by around a third and drop power consumption by over 22%. When it comes to yield growers report a slight increase while saving on energy costs.

1 x 600w vs 2 x 315W (1.2m x 1.2m area)
Replacing one 600w HPS light with two 315W CDM lights will give the best results. Most growers report an increase in yield of 20% along with superior quality produce. Grow room temperatures are also reduced and efficiency is improved due to the increased production.

Maxibright Daylight 315w CDM Adaptor Light Kit contains:

1 x Maxibright CDM Converter / Adapter
- The Converter / Adapter simply screws into a standard reflectors E40 lamp fitting, this then allows the use of CDM lamps.

1 x 315 Watt Maxibright Daylight CDM Ballast - Get the very best out of your 315W Philips CDM lamps - the 315W Maxibright Daylight CDM Digital Ballast has been specifically designed to enhance the light intensity & spectrum output of 315 Watt Philips CDM lamps.

Choice of 315 Watt Maxibright or Philips Agro CDM Lamp - These state-of-the art lamps generate a greater level of usable plant light (photosynthetically active radiation) and run with a blinding intensity that's immediately apparent to the naked eye. The lamp is full-spectrum so it will produce the goods in both veg and flower.
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