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Nutriculture Flo Gro 510 Ebb & Flood System

 Flo Gro 510

This new system has dimensions of 1m x 0.5m making it almost exactly twice the size of the popular FG 500, and is a perfect size to fit most grow light arrangements. It fits perfectly into the middle of the Flo-Gro range, which now offers a suitable system for long-term cultivation of plants in any size of growing space.

The design of the new Flo-Gro 510 combines the best features of the other Flo-Gro systems, creating a compact system with a root capacity large enough for two large, or several smaller specimen plants. The top of the new planter is raised from the reservoir creating a deeper growing area, and the tank holds a large volume of nutrient solution for the plant capacity of the system

The nutrient solution is delivered via a double drip ring ensuring a thorough coverage of the whole planting area, and the system is driven by the ultra-reliable MC450 submersible pump, rather than an unnecessary air pump often used by alternative systems of this type. The planter also features two overflow drains to ensure good drainage even when the plant becomes well established and the roots start to partially cover the regular drain holes. This combination of features creates a very low maintenance system that delivers outstanding results, the proof of which can be seen in our gallery section.

The new Flo-Gro 510 is a low-level floor standing system designed to maximise growing room, and there will also be an option to connect multiple systems together for easier maintenance of nutrient solution levels. As with all Flo Gro systems, there is easy access to both the pump and nutrient solution, and the tank and planter are of the usual high quality robust moulded plastic.

Kit Content:

  • Plastic reservoir tank - 50ltr
  • lastic Planter (to fit)
  • Submersible Pump
  • Delivery Tube
  • Drip Ring
  • Cable Tie
  • Tank Cover
  • Emptying Tube
  • 125ml Phosphoric Acid
Size: L 110 x W 59 x D 30cm

Reservoir Volume: 50 Litres