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PRO XL Dripper Systems 4 - 24 pot

The PRO XL Dripper System is a pot based re-circulating drip irrigation system that allows growers to grow big plants in big pots without the daily chore of watering. The modular System is easy to set up, low maintenance and is made from high quality IWS components.

How the PRO XL Dripper system works:
The plants are fed using twin high capacity drippers fed via a timed heavy duty feed pump which is positioned in the nutrient reservoir. The timer should be set to ensure that at least 30% run off is achieved. Each plant sits on a XL draining stand which catches the run off. The run off is then fed back to a brain controller via 25mm large bore pipe. When the brain controller fills a float valve inside the controller will lift and will trigger the drain pump to turn on and return the run off water back into the nutrient reservoir.

Key Benefits:
  • Twin high capacity drippers - for even watering
  • Remote nutrient reservoir - makes mixing nutrients and checking PH and EC levels easy. The reservoir can also be positioned outside the growing space this is particularly handy when growing in a Grow Tent.
  • Modular Design - can be expanded up to 28 pots
  • Plant Spacing - plants can be positioned to suit the growing space
  • Optimum 30% run off - prevents the build up of minerals, nutrients and salts in your growing media
  • Raised Draining Stands - prevent pots getting cold when placed on cold floors
  • Fully automated - no more watering plants after a long day at work
  • 100% Drain off - plants don't sit in water leaving very little chance of root rot (pythium)
  • Efficient and clean - no spillages
  • Can be be used with your existing pots - ideal if your halfway through a crop, just sit your plants on the XL draining tray and push in the drippers. 
Recommended Growing Medium:
The system is ideal for coco growers, we recommend using Canna 60/40 mix Which is 60% Coco Professional Plus and 40% Canna Aqua Clay Pebbles. You also have the ability to grow using soil but we would recommend reducing your feeding times as soil holds water much longer than other mediums.

Recommended pots:
The 26l PLANT!T Root Pruning Dirt Pots are perfect for this system and would be our first choice,  these can be purchased with the system at a discounted price. The XL draining stand is big enough for any of the pots we stock including the Round Pot 30ltr (with handles). 

Which System Will Fit Into Your Grow Tent?

1.2m x 1.2m Tent = 4 pot system
1.5m x 1.5m Tent = 4 pot system
1.2m x 2.4m Tent = 6 or 8 pot system
2m x 2m Tent = 8 pot system
2.4m x 2.4m = 12 or 16 pot system
3m x 3m = 16 or 24 pot system  

Which system will fit into my grow room?
In a grow room with a height of 2.4m we would recommend 6 plants for every 2.4m x 1.2m of grow space.
below are two diagrams of how we recommend this system is laid out.

This is a typical 12 plant grow room. This would be covered by four 600w grow lights spaced 1.2m apart, each bank of 6 plants would be cover by two 600w grow lights. The growing area would cover 2.4m x 2.4m.
            {        2.4m            }

This is a typical 24 plant grow room. This would be covered by eight 600w grow lights spaced 1.2m apart, each bank of 12 plants would be cover by four 600w grow lights. The growing area would cover 4.8m x 2.4m.
           {                  4.8m                 }

Kit Contents:
  • IWS Return Brain
  • Flexitank Reservoir (100l on 4,6 and 8 pot. 225l on 12,16,18 and 24 pot)
  • High Capacity Feed Pump (36 pot and 48 pot systems come with two pumps)
  • XL Drain stands 
  • Twin Dripper Manifolds
  • IWS fittings 
  • 13mm Irrigation Feed pipe
  • 25mm Drain Pipe
  • 24hr timer 
Larger systems available to order.
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PRO XL Dripper Systems 4 - 24 pot
PRO XL Dripper Systems 4 - 24 pot PRO XL Dripper Systems 4 - 24 pot PRO XL Dripper Systems 4 - 24 pot PRO XL Dripper Systems 4 - 24 pot