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Rhino Pro Premium Carbon Filters

The original Rhino Pro filter is the best and most recognized greenhouse filter on the international market because it handles the nastiest odours with ease to give you peace of mind. Rhino Pro filters use state-of-the-art design with the best odor adsorbing carbon found in the world to give you the single best, clean-air-producing, greenhouse filter on the market. Rhino Pro Filters are Made with RC412 charcoal, a higher grade charcoal than other manufacturers use. Lighter than all other filters of the same size and more effective. No-bypass air safety system with conical base diverter. Larger filtering surface area through intelligent design. Longer rated life than other filters.

Supplied with fabric pre filter.

Rhino Pro filters will effectively remove unwanted odors for up to 24 months.

  • Filter - 100mm/4"    £49.99
  • Filter - 125mm/5"    £69.99
  • Filter - 150mm/6"    £89.99
  • Filter - 200mm/8"    £99.99
  • Filter - 250mm/10"  £164.99
  • Fliter - 315mm/12"  £169.99
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